Latest News • ‘StartUp’ Renewed for Second Season
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Gel Jan 31, 2017   Comment StartUp

Crackle is going to start it up again.

Sony Pictures Television’s digital platform has renewed the scripted drama for a second season, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Season two will consist of 10 episodes, with the Martin Freeman and Adam Brody starrer set to return in the fall.

The series, which opened to lackluster reviews, explores the launch of GenCoin, a potentially revolutionary idea for an unregulated digital currency, and the deadly tech war that ignites around the creation of the algorithm. Brody, Edi Gathegi and Otmara Marrero will return, with a deal for season-one star Freeman to return currently in the works. (He is expected to return.)

StartUp hails from Critical Content and Hollywood Gang Productions. Tom Forman, Andrew Marcus, Raymond Ricord, Gianni Nunnari and Shannon Gaulding executive produce. Ben Ketai serves as writer, exec producer and director. Brody and Anne Clements also produce.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Gel Aug 15, 2016   Comment StartUp

Don’t let the friendly chatter in the Sept. 6 premiere of StartUp fool you. When Martin Freeman’s FBI agent Phil Rask makes small talk with Adam Brody’s financier Nick Talman about his girlfriend, it’s actually a very well-crafted, and aggressive, method of trying to disarm Talman… so Rask can go in for the kill.

Gel Aug 15, 2016   Comment StartUp

Adam Brody has stepped out of ‘The O.C.’ and into the Miami streets where he’s fighting to stay alive on Crackle’s new scripted drama series, ‘StartUp.’ He’s also earned his first serious producing credit on this, and couldn’t be more happy to be back on the small screen with such an incredible cast.

“I really liked the script and I really liked the world,” Adam Brody told during the Television Critics Association’s Summer press tour in Beverly Hills. That of course, was reason two to signing on to the show — the first being “Martin Freeman was doing it!”

However, the actor really loved the character, shooting all ten episodes in Puerto Rico, and working hard. “It was a different sandbox for me,” he said. Of course, he’s also talking about producing. “As an actor, there’s somewhat of a thin line. There’s so many different kinds of producers. I’d be lying if I said I put this together in any shape or form. I didn’t! But I was a consultant, as were the other stars. It’s a very collaborative process.”

Of course shooting the show definitely had its challenges — his main one being keeping his energy up. “It’s an intense show. Every scene has very big stakes. I’m not a lazy person, and I do love what I do, and if I’m invested in something, I can become obsessed with it… but, I might be a lazy actor,” he added. “It was like, ‘How the f-ck do I catch 10 minutes of sleep?’ because it was a lot.”

Source: Hollywood Life

Gel Apr 20, 2016   Comment StartUp

“StartUp” explores what happens when a brilliant, yet controversial tech idea gets incubated on the wrong side of the tracks by three strangers who don’t necessarily fit the mold of “tech entrepreneurs.” Set amongst the unconstrained, yet opportunist streets of Miami, “StartUp” weaves a complex and exciting narrative, featuring the high-stakes struggle of what one will do to reach ultimate success. Forced to fund a tech company with dirty money from unsuspecting places while forming ties with a dangerous, Haitian gang, the fight to build a business pales in comparison to the fight to stay alive, especially when there’s a vehement FBI agent who wields the power to make or break those he comes in contact with—and not always for the right reasons.